Tech Post # 8: Soldering The Circuit

Switch video

That is a video of my circuit in action. In order to get the pieces to stick together we had to solder them together using a wire and a soldering iron which is INCREDIBLY hot! Soldering this was much harder than soldering charms (see post #3.) This time there was a specific process we used:

  1. Solder negative wire 1 to battery,
  2. Solder that wire to your switch
  3. Solder your other negative wire (#2) to the switch
  4. Solder negative wire #2 to the LED light
  5.  Solder your positive wire to the LED light
  6.  Solder your positive wire to your battery

You have a circuit!

I had a lot of trouble doing this, my first time I thought I melted the switch so I would have to de-solder the wires, but when Mr.Calvert came to give me a new switch he informed me that that was not problem. The real problem was that I had soldered the negative wire to the positive side of the LED and vise-versa! So to fix this problem I de-soldered the wires and soldered them to the correct sides.

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