Tech Post #10: What I Learned This Qaurter!

This quarter I have learned so much about atoms, circuits, power tools, and so much more. We have done a bunch of projects this year we have made

Flashlights, switches,  & necklace charms.

Before technology I vaguely knew how to make a simple circuit. After making switches and flashlights I now know how to make them and why they work.

These photos are of two angles of the technology room, (and people ”posing” for the camera.) They  were taken during lunch recess, where my friends and I go for lunch to do fun crafts that we don’t get to do in class. 

In tech this year we used tools that I didn’t even know existed. We used drill presses, soldering  irons, and jigsaws. I’m not going to lie, l I was scared of all of them my first time using them, but after  using them once I was no longer scared, but I was cautious. I have had so much fun in tech this quarter and I’m sad that it ends soon. 😭😭😭

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