Temperate Climate Ecosystem

Temperate Climate Ecosystem


An ecosystem is when living and nonliving things interact with each other. Ecosystems are like chain reaction and food webs. If one animal was taken out from the food web the animal’s predator won’t have any food and the whole chain would fall apart.


Temperate climates don’t have extreme temperature and precipitation. There are two types of temperate climates: maritime and continental. The maritime climate is mostly oceans, which contain fairly steady temperatures across the seasons. In temperate zones, prevailing winds point winds point west so, the western edge of continents commonly encounter maritime climate. These regions are: Western Europe ( mostly UK ) and North America at latitudes at 40 and 60 north.

The continental climate is inland, with warm summers and cold winters as the effect on land of heat receipt increases. This is mostly true in North America where the north-south aligned Rocky Mountains act as a climate barrier to the mild maritime air blowing from the west. However, maritime climate penetrates further into Europe where the major mountain range – the Alps – is orientated east-west.


3 thoughts on “Temperate Climate Ecosystem

  1. Nice post, Jalyn! I love how you explained about the food web falling apart. What could make that happen? What makes animals become extinct?

  2. Dear Jalyn,
    I love your post. I really liked when you told about the temperate zones. My post about ecosystems isn’t nearly as detailed as yours. I think your food web makes a lot of since. This post is really good.
    Love Meera.

  3. Jalyn,
    I LOVE the way you put only the animals at the top of the web decomposed by the mushroom. That makes it much easier to read. I also like how you explained what would happen if something went extinct. What are the causes? You did an amazing job on your blog!
    – Lucy

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