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A Prince is Born

A Prince is Born

Source: Time for Kids

Article Date: May 1, 2018

News Type: World



In the article A Prince is Born, Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton welcomed their third child into their family on April 23. Prince William and Kate Middleton showed the baby to photographers just seven hours after his birth. Prince William said they were “very happy” . Then he joked, “ Thrice the worry now.”


The newborn, Prince Louis Arthur Charles is fifth in line to the throne after his grandfather, his father, his brother, and his sister. His birth is a “milestone” for the British family. For the first time in history, a royal son will not replace his older sister in line for the British throne. This is because in 2013 the British law changed to allow birth order instead of gender to “determine” who will take the throne next.

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4 thoughts on “A Prince is Born

  1. Dear Jalyn,
    I think it is really cool that a new prince was born! It is really cool that you can be a prince when your just born.(I could tell that it was a prince from England because we don’t have royals here like a king or queen.
    From, Shea

  2. Hi Jalyn. I think that you chose a really good article. I think that it is cool how there are still kings and queens in other countries even though there are no royal people in the U.S.
    From: Emma

  3. Dear Jalyn,
    You did a great job. I really like it that a new born prince is born. So cute. I can not wait to read your next current event.

  4. Dear Jalyn,
    I think it is cool that there is a new prince. I like that you wrote all the details. Including his siblings ages and names.
    Your best friend Caterina

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