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Queen Red Riding Hood’s Guide To Royalty

“Queen Red Riding Hood’s Guide To Royalty”

By, Chris Colfer


In the book “Queen Red Riding Hood’s Guide To Royalty” by Chris Colfer, Queen Red gives her fellow hoodians, admirers, royal subjects, and royal rejects tips for being a fab royal queen. “Queen Red Riding Hood’s Guide To Royalty” was inspired by the marvelous guide to monarchy, “The Prince”, by Niccolo Machiavelli. While reading “The Prince”, Queen Red realizes three things. 1. She’s been doing everything correct since her coronation. 2. She feels “The Prince”, is a bit outdated. Although it was probably useful at one point, the info is probably not helpful to politics today. 3. Since she is the beacon of leadership, she felt that it is her duty to give the seminal classic a makeover! Throughout “Queen Red Riding Hood’s Guide to Royalty”, Queen Red describes, the life before she became the wonderful queen her citizens see today, The Royal A.P.P ( appearance, performance, and perception), how to take compliments the safe way, appointing royal subjects, treating peasants like pets, making a scandal work for you, avoiding hatred and villainy, never revealing weaknesses, and last but not least, hosting royal subjects.


Queen Red is a super pretty queen with a lot of self-esteem. Although Queen Red is morale, she has a place in her heart for everybody, whether good or bad. An example is when she meets “Froggy”. “Froggy” is actually the long lost prince, Prince Charlie. He was cursed to look like an ugly frog by the evil witch Morina. Before Red finds out that “Froggy” has royal in him, she has mixed feelings for him. But even if she didn’t know “Froggy” had royal in him she would still love him. I know this because when Queen Red invited her royal subjects to dinner, one of her royal subjects, the Little Old Woman from the Shoe Inn suddenly blurted out, “ Have you heard the chatter about Queen Red?” The Little Old Woman from the Shoe Inn had gone senile recently ( you can’t blame her, she lives in a boot with her 150 grandchildren ) and forgot that Queen Red was in her presence. Queen Red didn’t mind ( that’s one of the reasons she keeps the Little Old Woman from the Shoe Inn around so she can get an unbiased social insight ) “Please share,” Queen Red said, so the Little Old Woman from the Shoe Inn went on. “ The rumor in our sewing group is that Queen Red is shaking up with a large amphibian!” she said with enthusiastic eyes. “ It’s a cross-species catastrophe!” Now obviously she was talking about Queen Red and “Froggy”, but even though Queen Red was a bit pained, she still loved “Froggy”.


I think in “Queen Red Riding Hood’s Guide to Royalty”, the main idea is making the right decisions in royalty or not, is super important. In “Queen Red Riding Hood’s Guide to Royalty”, it teaches you the tips to making the right decisions in royalty. Another theme is that no matter how pretty you are on the outside, it only matters about who you are on the inside. 


Nonfiction Reading Unit

In this nonfiction reading session with 4B and Mr. DeBerry, I studied volcanoes, tsunamis, and earthquakes with my team. In my team there was, Emma (4A), Victoria (4A), Katie ( 4A), Peter (4A), Liya ( 4B), Taryn ( 4B), Jack (4B), Matthew (4B), and me (4A).


Sometimes, we had conflicts about subtopics and slides, but by the time it was time to present, we had our subtopics, slides, and everything that we included in our work complete and under control. In our slides we included images, some videos, text, and graphs or diagrams.

My favorite part about the nonfiction reading unit was the presenting our weather topic. When I studied volcanoes, my subtopic was measuring volcanoes. I studied about measuring volcanoes with my partner, Victoria. When I switched to tsunamis and earthquakes, my subtopic was speed & destruction by myself.

In one lesson we learned about summarizing. We learned to first write the main idea and supporting details. Then we could write a summary about the topic by combining those three parts. In another lesson I learned about text structure and taking notes. Some types of text structure is chronological, problem/solution, cause and effect, compare/contrast.


I also learned about spark questions. Spark questions are questions that can lead to more and more questions.


We also posted a reading response on flipgrid. Flipgrid is a website where you post videos of you responding to a question or lesson. You can also comment in a video. After you respond to the lesson you can put stickers or draw to make your profile picture.


I think I learned a lot during this reading unit.