Temperate Climate Ecosystem

Temperate Climate Ecosystem


An ecosystem is when living and nonliving things interact with each other. Ecosystems are like chain reaction and food webs. If one animal was taken out from the food web the animal’s predator won’t have any food and the whole chain would fall apart.


Temperate climates don’t have extreme temperature and precipitation. There are two types of temperate climates: maritime and continental. The maritime climate is mostly oceans, which contain fairly steady temperatures across the seasons. In temperate zones, prevailing winds point winds point west so, the western edge of continents commonly encounter maritime climate. These regions are: Western Europe ( mostly UK ) and North America at latitudes at 40 and 60 north.

The continental climate is inland, with warm summers and cold winters as the effect on land of heat receipt increases. This is mostly true in North America where the north-south aligned Rocky Mountains act as a climate barrier to the mild maritime air blowing from the west. However, maritime climate penetrates further into Europe where the major mountain range – the Alps – is orientated east-west.


The Important thing about Mae Jemison


The important thing about Mae Jemison is, she was the first African American women to travel into space. She boarded the space shuttle Endeavour with six other astronauts and was thrust into space at 17,500 mph. Her mission was called STS-47. During STS-47, she  spent eight days in space and traveled 3.3 million miles. Mae also took part in a special project supported by NASA, its goal is to create the first starship in 100 years! But the important thing about Mae Jemison is, she was the first African American women to travel into space.



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I’m Back

Hi, my name is Jalyn. I am so excited for another year of blogging! I am in fourth grade now, and I have many new things to blog about. I have a brother whose six and a brother whose six months old. My baby brother is so small and I love to hold and cuddle with him. Some other things I like to do are


  • Flute
  • Tennis
  • Swimming
  • Piano


One of the instruments I play is the flute. I just started this year! When I had my first lesson I felt so dizzy and made me feel very sleepy. But after a few more weeks of practicing I was more determined and I sensed that I would learn quicker.


Tennis is another one of my favorite things to do. I started tennis when I was seven. I have never played in a tennis tournament before but I hope I will soon. I have tennis lessons on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. On the weekends I usually practice tennis with my dad. On some occasions my six year old brother also comes. When my brother comes my we usually play a game my dad invented. The game works like this. First, my brother puts a bucket on the other side of the net. Then, my brother and I take turns trying to hit the bucket with the tennis ball. Every time I hit the bucket I get one point. But every time my brother hits the bucket he gets three points. As a team our goal is to get to twelve points. When we get back home if we have got twelve points we get a treat. One time we got twenty- four points so we got two treats, but then we got some serves in a row so we got bonus points. Tennis is very fun sport for me to play with my friends.


Piano is another instrument I am taking lessons on. So far I have performed in two piano recitals. I have been playing piano for about two years. One time during my first piano recital I was waiting forever until it was my turn and I kept getting more worried and scared. Finally, it was my turn and I played my piece without any mistakes! Now I love piano recitals and I don’t feel nervous anymore.

Source: Roland

On Sunday mornings I go to swimming lessons. When I first started I thought being underwater was scary! But I took lessons throughout the summer and now I take lessons on weekends. After all those lessons I have moved up many levels and know how to swim laps, do flips underwater, and I am considered a seal in badges, and now I feel very comfortable and more experienced in the water.

If you want me to write about anything in specific please comment in the comment section! I hope to write about many inspirational topics. See you on my next blog post!



Tennis Innovators Academy

Tennis Innovators Academy or TIA is a great place if you want to see gradual improvement in your tennis skills.I give TIA a five star review because every time I go there the coaches will always point some mistakes you made to help in later practices. Their  games always have a relation of what they’ve taught us in the drill. For example, last week I worked on depth perception. After we had finished the drill we rallied  and we had to predict would the ball land offense, defense, or neutral? This would help when you against your opponent you can have an idea of where the ball would land and move to that spot. There are many levels that help you improve with your tennis skills. If you’re a beginner in tennis you should start on red ball or orange ball. The reason to this is, some balls are lighter than others.  These two levels can help you see if you need a level higher or lower. The next level is Junior Academy. This level helps you develop more advanced skills after the beginner level. Once you’ve accomplished those two levels the last level is called High Performance. When you’re in most levels you could come on the weekend for extra lessons, but when you’re on High Performance you have a choice to come on the weekend to vs. someone in a match. I think that Tennis Innovators Academy is a great place to learn tennis! For more information go to  tennisinnovators.com

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