Capstone Blog Post #2 – Creating a Main Inquiry Question and Sub Questions

Since I love my topic so much it wasn’t difficult for me to create my main inquiry question (MIQ) and 5 sub questions. My main inquiry question is: How has Yogibo’s new, fun and colorful bean bag technology affected the way people relax? For this question I tried to think of different adjectives that described Yogibo, and tried to use sophisticated language. I also thought of what part of the company interested me most, and if it was too big or too small of a question for this project. For my 5 sub questions, I thought about different areas of the company that interested me. These question have to be related to my main inquiry question though, so I can use them to help me answer my MIQ.
Sub questions:
1. What is so different about a Yogibo than an ordinary bean bag?
2. What kind of technology is used to create a Yogibo?
3. How has Yogibo made relaxing fun for children and adults?
4. How do Yogibo’s bean bags help to aid people living with Autism or Sensory Processing Disorder?
5. To what degree does Yogibo’s care for the environment influence customers’ opinion of their brand?

For my first sub question, I thought of a question that people might have about what makes Yogibo so special and the whole reason why I chose this as my topic instead of an ordinary bean bag company
For my second sub question, I thought of a way to give a further explanation for my MIQ.
For my third sub question, I thought to myself the whole point of Yogibo is to have fun and be together, so I decided to write a question about that.
For my fourth sub question, I started to think of something outside of Yogibo that I was interested in and tried to find a connection between that and the company. Something I am interested in is the medical field. After a little research I found that Yogibo plays a huge role in helping to aid people living with Autism or Sensory Processing Disorder. The tactile feel of Yogibo products and its body support design helps to comfort and relax children on the spectrum.
For my fifth (and last) sub question, I thought of something within Yogibo, but not really related to my MIQ that I thought was cool and was interested in.
I am so excited to learn all about Yogibo through my questions! And I think it is the coolest, most fun, and upbeat company that I have ever known!

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