Fatal Flaw

In class today we had a discussion lead by our amazing intern Ryan about the fatal flaws of characters in the book The Thief of Always. We learned what a fatal flaw is and other examples of fatal flaws in other books we might have read. She gave us an assignment to write a blog post on what we think is our fatal flaw and how it gets us into trouble and how we might be able to fix it. I have way too many fatal flaws, but I decided that in this blog post I would write about how I am constantly talking. It gets me into trouble at school because I interrupt the teacher sometimes and occasionally talk when we are supposed to be quiet. I get into trouble at home through my fatal flaw because when my mom or dad is on the phone I interrupt them, or when they are having a private conversation I start talking to them in the middle of their conversation. I even get in trouble with my friends through of my constant chatter because I can get super annoying, and they don’t always like that.

I can resolve my fatal flaw by never talking again… JUST KIDDING! I could never last, and that would be even more annoying because I would be ignoring everyone. One (real) way I could try to fix this fatal flaw is, by sometimes actually LISTENING rather than TALKING. Another idea is, I could spend one day trying to monitor my chatter. I could not speak unless spoken to, which would be crazy hard for me considering, well, I am me, so I think I should cross that one off. I don’t think there will ever be a way to conquer this fatal flaw, because again, I am me. But, there is one thing that works… If you yell at me to shut my mouth. : )

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