Capstone Blog Post #3- Interview

Last week I had an incredible interview with Director of Retail, Mary Pat Joseph, and Events Regional Manager and District Manager, Mike Delgado at Yogibo. They were so informative and answered every single one of my questions! They helped to guide me in an amazing direction with this project, and I can’t thank them enough. They taught me so much about Yogibo, and gave me amazing information that further intrigued me in the company. The coolest part about my interview was that we sat on Yogibos while we talked! I think it was the world’s most comfortable interview!

Mary Pat and Mike were busy interviewing sales people for Yogibo’s new store at The Westchester when I arrived for my interview. I had to wait for a while, so I spent time talking to their project manager who had come down from New England with them. I can’t remember his name, but he gave me a lot of information and was really nice. He went through all their products with me & I got to try everything out! Then I played a long game of catch with one of their sales people. Mary Pat and Mike later explained that they make a big effort to hire fun and engaging people at Yogibo. Mary Pat said that Yogibo is a happy product and that their employees really represent that idea. They want everyone that works for them to feel important, have fun, and know how to juggle!

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