5B Arcade

For about a month or two my class has been creating an arcade. Although it is not a class assignment, we have been using indoor recess periods right before lunch to work on it (and sometimes during class). We have been 3D printing, sculpting, duct taping, sketching, and carving to make an amazing arcade with all kinds of games. We were inspired by Caine’s Arcade. We had a twist to our arcade which was that instead of whack-a-mole, we made a game kind of like human-whack-a-mole. Instead of whacking moles that pop up, you throw paper balls covered in tape (for safety) at people standing in a big cardboard box and you try to hit the targets that are on them. Another game that we mixed up was, skee ball. We made it a lot harder, and we put duct tape over the part where you roll the ball to score points, so that no one would cheat.¬†We made up some games too!

All of our games are handmade. We are really proud, it takes a lot of effort and everyone has to help out, we even have people working on the security! We also created prizes and tickets. It is such a fun experience and everything is turning out great! Our arcade is really coming together nicely, and I hope our imaginations will stay creative, and I also hope that we continue to work well together as a group.