The snow finally came!

It finally snowed this morning! It wasn’t all that much snow overall, but at least it was something. There were some flurries here and there, but no snow, until today! Some people had made hypotheses about it being the warmest winter ever, but I guess they were proven wrong. I can’t believe the temperature was seriously in the 60s in the middle of December! I am not a big fan of snow overall. I would much rather be on vacation in Florida, but it would be strange not to have snow throughout the winter. I do like having snowball fights (you have to admit you always end up falling over laughing and having fun), and also sledding is fun, so those are some bonuses. But I can’t stand the cold! For example, it is so hard to wake up in the morning, and you get chapped lips, staticky hair, and you are always shivering (well, at least for me). Also, it is a hassle to get your coat, hat, and mittens on, and then take them off, and then put them on again. Overall, I was just excited to see the snow!