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Hello world,

Sorry I have not been posting, I have been busy with transitioning into  a new school. Now I am in 6th grade, learning new and different things, like Passion Projects. Passion Projects is literally a passion project. It is where you make, and design something about your passion. For my Passion Project I chose Technology Inventions. I chose this topic because I knew that I like technology but also enjoyed inventing things. That is all for today Bye!


2 thoughts on “Passion Projects

  1. Hi Katie!
    I really like how you chose this topic. I think you don’t really talk about this a lot so it is new and challenging. Good luck!

  2. Hi Katie!!
    I love how you introduced yourself to this post.
    And I love your topic, it suits you.
    Some suggestions to find info are:
    -An inventions museum(don’t know if this exists)
    I searched “technology inventions” on google wand found some info but I dont know if it matches with your topic.
    Good luck, Caterina

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