Our class is doing rocketry for science. I learned about Isaac Newton, And a tiny bit of Neil Degrasse Tyson. He said if he could travel back in time, he would meet Isaac Newton. I learned that a rocket needs wings to stay stable. My group members are Rania, Una, Skylar, and Rush. Rania and Una are really helpful. They did a lot of the designing and building. Me? Not so much. I even built a leaning tower of duct tape. Right now all we need is our nose cone, which is 3D printed. But the school 3 Dimensional printer freaked out, so we will have to launch in November. We are making backup nose cones. Our group is using the top of a diet coke bottle. I hate soda(even though I play candy crush SODA saga). Anyway, we are looking forward to the launch! We will launch our rockets 2 times. We have now finally managed to print our nose cone. We will hot glue it on the rocket. We will launch on the day after Halloween.


A wise is wise, but is not smartest.

When life dies, a new life takes place.

A bare hand will frighten no living.

A bad thing can mean good outcomes.

A heavy book does not mean a lot of pages.

There is more than you can see.

Freedom is must to be earned.


Ready for more math? Today’s math problems are about palindromes. Palindromes are abc=cba, get it? Yay!

How many 8 digit palindromes are there that sum to 15?

How many 6 digit palindromes are there?





0- not possible for any

900-determine the first 3 digits

star trek voyager

Do you know about star trek voyager? If no, then spoiler alert! Star trek voyager is a series of episodes that seem like movies because one is one HOUR long. The crew is in a spaceship called the Voyager that can travel faster than light. Be sure to watch the episodes.