Expert Lecture #2

This time on 11/28/16, the expert was Olivia’s mom. She talked about the joy of giving. The expert showed us a picture and said: “The polar bear is hungry, so the penguin is giving food to it.” The presentation was about charity, giving, and non-profit buisnesses. When she was done, Olivia’s mom suggested us to start our own charities and work on budgets and programs, like making ways to help the poor, and planning which form of charity, like a donation, fundraiser, or a foundation. This event was entertaining. Most people worked with partners on their charities. As a result, it was fun to most of us working on non-profit organizations. Do you want to help with giving?

My Thanksgiving Break

I do not know what to call my four day thanksgiving break. There were lots of things going on. First, on Thanksgiving, our house was hosting a Thanksgiving party. We had a lot of guests coming, so my dad made us help set up the event when we were having an electronics break. This four day weekend was at least some good news. The party guests started to arrive at 3:00 or later. All the guests brought dishes of their own, but my mom made the turkey. I enjoyed it because there was a bunch of things to do, but not for me. It was boisterous. When we had dinner at about 6:00 pm, the food was so good, I want to eat that much again. It was really fun at the end during the night because I had 3 scoops of ice cream for desert. My mom said: “You’re having your third?” I replied, “Yeah.” I went to bed pretty late.

On Black Friday, my brothers left without me to Kalahari resort in Pennsylvania for one night with some friends. Before that, someone asked me:”Will you miss them at all?” I said:”I’m not sure.” My brothers left at about 10:30 am. It was quite enjoyable experience without them that day. In the afternoon, I went to the Westchester mall in White Plains. My parents looked around many different shops. I went to the Apple Store and played this game called Mekorama. I only stayed there for 10 minutes, though. Have you been to the mall before? I have many times. I also had a movie night party at 8:00. The excitement was not over yet. On Saturday night, I went to a party a friend’s house. It was an exhausting holiday.

I had a big experience with many things. I lived 2 days without my brothers, and had a series of parties. It was the best holiday so far.


Expert Lecture Series#1

I am curious about this because this is the first time I am doing this. I am wondering who is the expert coming to our room. Our guest is here! It is Rania’s dad(Rania is in our rocketry group). Rania’s dad talked about money trade. I learned from this experience that people once used beads and salt for money. Soldiers used to be paid blocks of salt. Each country makes its own coins. Coins can be in various colors. Sugar was also used. People traded by many things back then. If there was a farmer and a hunter, the farmer would give the hunter some wheat, the hunter would give the farmer a deer skin. This way, everyone would have what they need. Money evolved when Chinese started to use paper as money. Eventually, it spread through Europe.

I had a good time for the first. It was interesting. 🙂

After Rania’s dad left, everyone started making something called “Boyer Bucks”. Every one started working like crazy. Me and Ronald worked on different things. Ronald made a  Boyer Buck and I made a sample coin(which can be used as a Boyer Coin). We wanted to 3D print it but we could not get in the website of Tinkercad. Before long, time was up. I had a great time.

good post3-building our rocket

Now, our group obviously needed to build a rocket. There are many things and materials we needed to make our final product. I will tell you what we did to build our first rocket, and our second rocket.

First rocket

Our teacher Ms. Boyer said we should design the rocket on a piece of paper. Our group used many post-its to draw the possible wing designs. Since we use seltzer bottles, We could not design the thickness of the body. We designed the rocket with lengths drawn to scale.  We settled on a triangular shape that I think is a scalene triangle shape. Then we decided to 3D print the nose cone when we were done with the wings. It had a curved top and was green and smooth. We put duct tape on the body for decoration. We were pretty anxious about the Launch.

Second rocket

Our second rocket had to be done quicker. Our group designed our wings with a curved side. after we designed it we ripped off the nose from the old rocket and we reglued it on our second. Then we hot glued on the wings. We were ready for the launch and done with our rocket. Our group was prepared.

In conclusion, our group did a lot of work to build our rocket. It was a very busy time period but it was all worth it.

good post2-our data

Our data is always figured out after we launch. By then our minds are fresh with thoughts and our teacher makes us write an entry using our thoughts of rocketry. After we do that we start graphing using the averages of our clinometer readings. There are multiple steps in this process. you need a ruler.

First, we take a graph and find out the two averages of the clinometer readings. We find it on the fake protractor on the graph, the draw a line going through. We have to label everything. The teacher will tell you. do this 2x.

find where the 2 lines intersect, draw a line leading into the side, find the number, add 1.5, That is the actual height of our rocket in meters.

We glue the finished graph in our notebook.

There are many steps for our graph. When I found the height of our rocket I was sort of surprised. Our data is precise. We have not heard the record, though. I do not think our rocket went the highest because other people said their rocket went the highest distance up. We use rulers, pencils, and our science notebook to finish the graph.

In conclusion, I think that data after our launch is important because this way we can know how high our rocket traveled, and we can compare our heights with one another.

good post1

We have rocketry, this can be the last launch. My groups rocket is all done, it is ready to go. The other two classes might have already be finished with the unit. We launched once on 11/1/2016. We evaluated ourdata for our rocket for a couple of minutes after the launch.img_6308

This is our nose cone for both rockets.(3D printed), it is sideways. 🙁

Our first rocket went very high up in the air. Our school buddies will watch the second launch.

This is a compare of our 2 rockets.

1st                                                   both                                                 2nd

multi color wings                      duct tape                          more tape

longer time                                 nose cone 3D printed          curved wings

There is more differences but that is a few. Even though our first launch was phenominal(as Ms. Boyer said), we still had great results. Most of our arguments were settled and resloved. The weather was great, our teacher said everything was smiling, the sky, the grass, the clouds, and the sun. After our rocket launched for the second time, we saw a wing fell off and the nose cone got damaged because there was too much force applied to the nose cone and a lot of impact on the tip of it. The nose cone is round, by the way(as you see in the picture). I had many experiences with the 2 launches, and there was getting to do certain things, Such as I used a clinometer and got to dump out the leftover water we did not need anymore.

In conclusion, I think the rocketry unit gives everyone an experience and learn how to cope together as a group. We always redesogn to be more successful.

Electoral votes count

Clinton                                                     Trump

228                                                            279

Republican candidate Donald Trump won the election. Clinton lost by 51 electoral votes. Sorry if you were voting for Hillary Clinton. A huge mound of history got ate by Trump. 🙁

Getting ready for launch #2

We will launch our 2nd time on 11/14/2016 after lunch. We are getting ready for the launch. It is after Philadelphia trip and Veterans day. This is our last day. Make finish or DOOM.

Here is a picture of our first rocket design(which was perfect):


Our rocket has a good luck charm, a crumpled post-it with our names on it. Hopefully it will be lucky. 🙂 🙂