good post3-building our rocket

Now, our group obviously needed to build a rocket. There are many things and materials we needed to make our final product. I will tell you what we did to build our first rocket, and our second rocket.

First rocket

Our teacher Ms. Boyer said we should design the rocket on a piece of paper. Our group used many post-its to draw the possible wing designs. Since we use seltzer bottles, We could not design the thickness of the body. We designed the rocket with lengths drawn to scale.  We settled on a triangular shape that I think is a scalene triangle shape. Then we decided to 3D print the nose cone when we were done with the wings. It had a curved top and was green and smooth. We put duct tape on the body for decoration. We were pretty anxious about the Launch.

Second rocket

Our second rocket had to be done quicker. Our group designed our wings with a curved side. after we designed it we ripped off the nose from the old rocket and we reglued it on our second. Then we hot glued on the wings. We were ready for the launch and done with our rocket. Our group was prepared.

In conclusion, our group did a lot of work to build our rocket. It was a very busy time period but it was all worth it.

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