Atoms versus Molecues Chapter 3: The reveal

H2O: The batteries are absorbing as much electrons from the atoms to power the machine. Without the strength, the atoms are weak. 🙂

SO2: But since it is only 7% complete, we have to build the machine now, as CH4 instructed. So first, we need to make 15 circular tubes connecting to one separate tube with wires.

H2O: Connecting… done. Then, the batteries have fully charged by now, so you apply the electrons to the wires, then add the combination powder to the main connector, then add neutrons until all the powder dissolves, then add the frozen solution of electron water in the middle (it will never melt), continuously add protons when the charge is negative, and finally hide the mechanism with the metal.

SO2: This work is exhausting, and improve your grammar.


CH4: Wow, I am impressed. But combination powder must be soaked to work, so you have to dip it in water.

H2O: But then, the machine will malfunction, and I can not waste our hard work. 🙁

SO2: Do not worry, the electron ice will keep it waterproof.

H2O: Well okay then. 😀

SO2: Just look at the land of the atoms! It is fading rapidly, and one by one we will kidnap them and use this machine to take over! Lets get ready.

CH4: But the king knows nothing about this. We must inform it first.

H2O: We are exhausted, so we need to rest first before we continue our tiny steps to take over, then move onto the big ones.

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Buddies-Marble Mazes

Today with our class buddies from 2F, we built marble mazes. It was really exciting, and there was a lot of innovation going on. For the materials, we used pipe cleaners, straws, and bottle caps. We glued the materials on plastic lids to create our design. It took a long time, but it was worth it. Everyone had a really fun time. We did this for about an hour. We have to wait for the glue to finish drying to try it out, so not today, but maybe later in the future.

Rube Goldberg 6

I had a great time with my rube Goldberg project. Watching the successful take for my project was happy for everyone because I had completed a big project. Making the movie was also a fun experience. I feel that I put a lot of effort into my project, along with help from my family. Without them, I would have no success in my Rube Goldberg project. On Imovie, the video had labelled the takes, and even included the materials used in the project. I would like to thank them for their help leading to this.

Atoms Versus Molecues Chapter Two: The usnensitive Economy

While the Molecues were plotting the machine to take over, the life of the atoms were not mentioned. Try to decode how the atoms are written in periodic form.

Carbon: I bet those lazy molecues have still been relaxing every day after we’ve been moving those rocks to find more land to settle.

Sulfur: I do not know why you have been getting so weak lately, a task requiring not a lot of energy putting you to exhaust?

Carbon: I do not know. I should have a rest in the neutron hung.

Clorine: Hey guys I saw a bunch of electrons on the ground heading towards the molecues territory. There must be some protons in the hands of the molecues. Hydrogen is in a terrible condition, Hydrogen’s electrons were taken away. It is under the treatment of Sodium.

Sulfur: Aw man… 🙁

Oxygen: This means we must find a way to get the electrons back. An atom needs electrons, am I wrong?

Carbon: We need to see Hydrogen. Urgently!


Sodium: Oh hey guys, you are here.

Clorine: We are here to see Hydrogen. It is okay, right?

Sodium: The exess electrons are not helping. Hydrogen might fade away if nothing is done about it.

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Atoms Versus Molecues Chapter one: The evil plot

In the sientific fictional times, the atoms and molecues lived apart and could talk. But in real live, none of this is true, and we have a periodic table.

CHSONa7C4L6 (molecue king): Those atoms seem so small, we colud take over atom town if we bash them together and make them into us.

CO2: But king, we are also small, like the atoms.

CHSONa7CL6: But if atoms share electrons, they become molecues, and they have to come to us. And we have to wait patiently for that to happen. If we take over, then we will have more land. and not be so tight.

H2O: Then we need to build something to combine atoms.

(normally that would be an atom smaher, but in this story it is different.)

CHSONa7C4L6: Then start building! Go! Go! Go!


SO2: This material should be fine… No, that would need more wires and protons in different charges.

CH4: Combination powder would make this quick. So according to the design, all we have to do is to put up to 15 atoms to form a molecue, then hit the switch.

SO2: Then we could store the exess energy left over and use it to rerun the machine. We would need a lot of conductors, insulators, and different types of metal. I think we have all the materials we need.

CH4: Then lets get building! 😀

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Rube Goldberg 5

Since I finished the takes, the next step is to make the video. I made the video already. I made the video on Imovie, I organized the video recordings and added the titles of the takes, as well as adding music. It is now uploadd onto the computer. The only thing is to get it onto the TV for display.

Rube goldberg 4

I finished the takes on saturday, January 21 2017. It only took us 6 tries to finish it. The plan was to shoot a nerf gun, then the bullet hit a taped golf ball on a clothes hanger zip line, hitting another golf ball on a ramp course, then hitting a lego seesaw, kicking a tape roller, hitting lego dominoes knocking a soda can, the soda can fell off a table, hitting a swing ball (a golf ball with tape and string), hitting the corn carrier lego truck) with a needle taped onto it, popping the balloon. I will now explain why 5 takes failed.

Take                                                                             Reason

1                                                                 The golf ball did not hit the seesaw correctly.

2                                                                 The lego dominoes were misplaced and did not fall correctly

3                                                                  [No reason because it does not exsist]

4                                                                       The soda can did not hit the swing ball correctly

5                                                                    The gun did not fire correctly

6                                                                    It worked!!!

For a clearer explanation, you will have to watch the video I took (do not blame me for the music).

Rube Goldberg 3

A 2 ramp board for my project has been finished. We have not started the zip line yet, but we have suggestions on what materials we should use. I think I should start the materials list soon. I would have to take pictures on my phone so I could use Imovie. I think I can upload the photos to drive, then open the computer and use Imovie because it has more options. I am still looking forward to it. 🙂

Expert Lecture #6

This time Jonah’s mom came in to talk about genetics. she talked about chromosomes and marking about genetics. In the end, she also gave us some books we could read about the topic. I had a really fun time!

Your gender is determined by chromosomes, one from your dad, and one from you mom. A male’s chromosomes is made up of one X chromosome and one Y chromosome. On the other hand, females have 2 X chromosomes, and no Y chromosomes. Your mom will definitely give you an X chromosome, while you dad could give you either an X or Y chromosome. So nobody has 2 Y chromosomes. The chromosome is passed through by a sperm. So basically the sperm determines your gender. If you are a boy or man, the sperm from your dad had an Y chromosome, while if you are a girl or woman, the sperm had an X chromosome.

Marking a family in the genetical way sounds a bit complicated, since it can go on forever. Male people are marked by squares, while females are marked by circles. A couple is marked by the square on the left, the circle on the right. an unknown gender is marked as a diamond with a p in it. If adopted, the person adopted is marked as its gender inside a [ ], with a connected line to the person who adopted the other person.

We marked Harry Potters family in the genetical way. It was so fun. I had a great experience.

Rube Goldberg 2

So as I have not done much of the project yet (for the final) I (more like we) have created a cardboard model using cardboard and a golf ball. I have a plan to create this on Imovie, though I am still a bit behind. Adding to the zip line, it can be used to push the truck other than the cylinder. I still have many choices to make. I was wondering if to use a TV box for the project, but my dad would not risk it because the project can damage it, and the box is relied on for exporting the TV. Without it, then we would have to buy another TV (possibly), which we do not want to happened. Otherwise, I look forward to the results of my project! 🙂