Atoms Versus Molecues Chapter Two: The usnensitive Economy

While the Molecues were plotting the machine to take over, the life of the atoms were not mentioned. Try to decode how the atoms are written in periodic form.

Carbon: I bet those lazy molecues have still been relaxing every day after we’ve been moving those rocks to find more land to settle.

Sulfur: I do not know why you have been getting so weak lately, a task requiring not a lot of energy putting you to exhaust?

Carbon: I do not know. I should have a rest in the neutron hung.

Clorine: Hey guys I saw a bunch of electrons on the ground heading towards the molecues territory. There must be some protons in the hands of the molecues. Hydrogen is in a terrible condition, Hydrogen’s electrons were taken away. It is under the treatment of Sodium.

Sulfur: Aw man… 🙁

Oxygen: This means we must find a way to get the electrons back. An atom needs electrons, am I wrong?

Carbon: We need to see Hydrogen. Urgently!


Sodium: Oh hey guys, you are here.

Clorine: We are here to see Hydrogen. It is okay, right?

Sodium: The exess electrons are not helping. Hydrogen might fade away if nothing is done about it.

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