Expert lecture series #8+9+design challenge

Expert lecture #8: The expert was Riley’s dad who works at Experian. He showed us the Experian ads, which were cool. He also pointed out some things we had not noticed before. In Yankee Stadium, there are a few Experian ads I never noticed before. He also asked questions, and kids who answered them correctly got rewards. I got a pen that can write in four colors.

Expert Lecture #9: This time Jasper’s mom was the expert. Jasper’s mom studies bones, and showed us a presentation. She explained the different types of bones I did not know about. Jasper’s mom explained the different types of surgery to help fix bones. Bones can also be fractured, so a cast hold it in place. She gave us bone pens at the end.

Design challenge: Somebody named Rob came over to our classroom. Our challenge was to design useful things in the classroom. Anything could be built, even chairs that float around the room. I designed a portable chair that could be easily taken apart. It was really fun, we had lots of supplies. I can say some creations were cool after all.

Expert lecture series #7

Today someone named Greg, one of the witnesses in the frogsicle situation, whis means thaat he was one of Ms. Boyer’s students, came. Greg works at Google in New York City. He explained about many jobs at google, and you need to learn how to write well is one of the skills needed to get a job there. And there are also cool things.

One cool thing about the google office is a nap pod. If someone working is tired, the nap pod is the solution. It keeps sounds away. Also there is a secret library, and a game room, which has billiards, ping pong, and xbox, and you can get paid for that. There is good food there, which is free. Lobster is served there, as well as other foods. In Google, you can arrive anytime you want and there is no schedule. About 20% of the time you work can be used on passions. Gmail was created by the passion time.

One cool thing about Google is the Google doodles. A Google doodle is an impression for the Google page of certain dates. However, on big holidays there could be a google doodle that is a game. Two examples is Pangolin Love (Valentines Day 2017) and Magic Cat Academy (Halloween 2016). The website is on the link: There is a team that works on it, and some doodles can only be seen in certain countries.

Greg works on the google classroom team. We use google classroom in spanish. The classroom is a complicated process. So you basically recieve a presentation, document, or spreadsheet, then you complete the assignment, then turn it in.

Expert Lecture #6

This time Jonah’s mom came in to talk about genetics. she talked about chromosomes and marking about genetics. In the end, she also gave us some books we could read about the topic. I had a really fun time!

Your gender is determined by chromosomes, one from your dad, and one from you mom. A male’s chromosomes is made up of one X chromosome and one Y chromosome. On the other hand, females have 2 X chromosomes, and no Y chromosomes. Your mom will definitely give you an X chromosome, while you dad could give you either an X or Y chromosome. So nobody has 2 Y chromosomes. The chromosome is passed through by a sperm. So basically the sperm determines your gender. If you are a boy or man, the sperm from your dad had an Y chromosome, while if you are a girl or woman, the sperm had an X chromosome.

Marking a family in the genetical way sounds a bit complicated, since it can go on forever. Male people are marked by squares, while females are marked by circles. A couple is marked by the square on the left, the circle on the right. an unknown gender is marked as a diamond with a p in it. If adopted, the person adopted is marked as its gender inside a [ ], with a connected line to the person who adopted the other person.

We marked Harry Potters family in the genetical way. It was so fun. I had a great experience.

Expert Lecture #5

Today Jackie Bastardi from Curious on Hudson came in and told us about being a mechanical engineer. She said engineering is a lot of fun. There are lots of  projects you can do. Once, there was a 3D designing competition, and the winner gets their model design 3D printed. She also told us a lot about stories of her career. The “Gallopin’ Gertie” was also mentioned throughout the talk. It was about a bridge that collapsed because of the winds. In the end, we all made kazoos. It had popsicle sticks, straws, and paper. The paper vibrates to make the sound. I had a fun experience.

Expert lecture #4

On 12/14/16, The expert was Ronald’s dad (Junbo). Junbo is a chemical engineer. He does a lot of experiments, and he said only 10% of them succeed. He comes up with solutions how to reduce the waste on Earth. On battleships, they produce a ton of waste each day. But how do you get rid of it if you do not dump it in the ocean?

This comes with super critical fluids. A fluid is super critical when high temperature and pressure go past the critical point, the liquid is super critical. Junbo can be exposed to radiation sometimes. The lab is highly in security for safety reasons. He said some experiments took 24-48 hours. The experiment is to fire a highly voltaged electricity on a seal with water. A laser measures the reaction, and then passes it to a computer. Safety is really important, the computer is activated by the badge the workers wear. Between the computer room and the testing room is 3 thick walls with locked doors on each one.

Junbo is a experimenting chemical engineer that gave us an intro to super critical fluids. This can reduce trash in the ocean and protect our envoironment. We had a good time with Junbo learning about chemicl engineering.

Expert Lecture #3

This time the expert was Rush’s dad, who was visiting on 12/12/16 and talking about the supreme court. He talked about the justices of the court. Rush’s dad is an attorny (lawyer). There are 8 justices in the supreme court. He talked a bit about his and Rush’s connection. He also mentioned that there was a basketball court right above the court. There was no playing allowed when the court was in session. He tried to play whenever he could back then. Rush’s dad passes books about the justices of the court we could read. Then I had realized I was late for LRC and that was the end for me…… He also gave us things of the Constitution.

Expert Lecture #2

This time on 11/28/16, the expert was Olivia’s mom. She talked about the joy of giving. The expert showed us a picture and said: “The polar bear is hungry, so the penguin is giving food to it.” The presentation was about charity, giving, and non-profit buisnesses. When she was done, Olivia’s mom suggested us to start our own charities and work on budgets and programs, like making ways to help the poor, and planning which form of charity, like a donation, fundraiser, or a foundation. This event was entertaining. Most people worked with partners on their charities. As a result, it was fun to most of us working on non-profit organizations. Do you want to help with giving?

Expert Lecture Series#1

I am curious about this because this is the first time I am doing this. I am wondering who is the expert coming to our room. Our guest is here! It is Rania’s dad(Rania is in our rocketry group). Rania’s dad talked about money trade. I learned from this experience that people once used beads and salt for money. Soldiers used to be paid blocks of salt. Each country makes its own coins. Coins can be in various colors. Sugar was also used. People traded by many things back then. If there was a farmer and a hunter, the farmer would give the hunter some wheat, the hunter would give the farmer a deer skin. This way, everyone would have what they need. Money evolved when Chinese started to use paper as money. Eventually, it spread through Europe.

I had a good time for the first. It was interesting. 🙂

After Rania’s dad left, everyone started making something called “Boyer Bucks”. Every one started working like crazy. Me and Ronald worked on different things. Ronald made a  Boyer Buck and I made a sample coin(which can be used as a Boyer Coin). We wanted to 3D print it but we could not get in the website of Tinkercad. Before long, time was up. I had a great time.