Capstone 7

The CapCon share was great, as well as on the same day as the moving up ceremony. When I watched some text talks, I learned some new things I never knew before, and also that I did not see all the presentations since they were in different rooms. A few people did not include their interviews in their presentation. I got a lot of new experiences by learning new things on the CapCon share. I was a bit nervous since I was not used to presenting and displaying all the time, I am a quiet person. The CapCon share was a good learning experience. I learned things of other topics, as well as experiencing to present my slideshow. The negative side of this is that I handed out no buisness cards at all. On the other hand, this was a great end to the year (almost over).

Here is my project:

Rube Goldberg 5

Since I finished the takes, the next step is to make the video. I made the video already. I made the video on Imovie, I organized the video recordings and added the titles of the takes, as well as adding music. It is now uploadd onto the computer. The only thing is to get it onto the TV for display.

The adventures by KJS chapter 2 alert

Hello everyone. Chapter 2 takes place in the jungle. But Bad news it is still not analyzed. 🙁

Sorry, but Chapter 2 will be postponed to 2017 due to holiday breaks, lack of internet, bent fan axles, and lots of work. I promise it will come out asap, but analyzing does take a long time.

Chapter 2 will be dedicated to one person. Vote by commenting this video by saying “I vote for _.” Do not vote for yourself. Any votes to yourself will be spammed. The person with the most votes wins. Voting ends at 11:30 am on 12/23/2016. Vote for friends so they vote you back. Goodbye. 😀

The Adventures by KJS Chapter one: The dungeon

Hello! Here is a you choose story on the computer. Please listen to the instructions to make this way more fun. If you die in the story, start over from the post. Also please give credit to my brothers Jason and Steven, they helped make this. Enjoy!!! 🙂

You find yourself in a dungeon. All you have is a useless pocket knife. There is a door that has an X, and a door that has a check. Which one do you choose?

X: You enter. Spikes shoot at you and you die. Go back to the start.

Check: you go through. It is safe. Move on.

There is a door, wait or enter?

Wait: a ladder falls down. Move on and skip Enter.

Enter: Spikes shoot you. You die. Go back.

There is a suspicion the ladder is bad. Do you climb it or not?

Climb: When you climb up, you see spikes nearly avoiding you. Skip one Paragraph and move on.

Still wait: The door starts rumbling, then spikes shoot out, killing you. Go back.

As you climb up, you see a path. But there is more of the ladder. Which way do you go?

Ladder: As you keep climbing, you hear something. The walls clasp together crushing you. Go back.

Path: The path is safe. Move on.

As you walk, You find a door and some stairs. Which way do you go? The answer decides your fate.

Stairs: It is a dead end. Spikes shoot you and you die. AARGH, so close!!!! Go back.

Door: You see stairs. Move on.

At the top, you escaped the dungeon. To be continued…

Things to know:

KJS stands for Kenneth Jason Steven.

Comment where you think the next setting is.

For chapter 2, all deaths must be analized before posted.

Suggest edits.

Give most credit to Jason, because he is the main author.

good post2-our data

Our data is always figured out after we launch. By then our minds are fresh with thoughts and our teacher makes us write an entry using our thoughts of rocketry. After we do that we start graphing using the averages of our clinometer readings. There are multiple steps in this process. you need a ruler.

First, we take a graph and find out the two averages of the clinometer readings. We find it on the fake protractor on the graph, the draw a line going through. We have to label everything. The teacher will tell you. do this 2x.

find where the 2 lines intersect, draw a line leading into the side, find the number, add 1.5, That is the actual height of our rocket in meters.

We glue the finished graph in our notebook.

There are many steps for our graph. When I found the height of our rocket I was sort of surprised. Our data is precise. We have not heard the record, though. I do not think our rocket went the highest because other people said their rocket went the highest distance up. We use rulers, pencils, and our science notebook to finish the graph.

In conclusion, I think that data after our launch is important because this way we can know how high our rocket traveled, and we can compare our heights with one another.

Electoral votes count

Clinton                                                     Trump

228                                                            279

Republican candidate Donald Trump won the election. Clinton lost by 51 electoral votes. Sorry if you were voting for Hillary Clinton. A huge mound of history got ate by Trump. 🙁