Atoms versus Molecues Chapter 3: The reveal

H2O: The batteries are absorbing as much electrons from the atoms to power the machine. Without the strength, the atoms are weak. 🙂

SO2: But since it is only 7% complete, we have to build the machine now, as CH4 instructed. So first, we need to make 15 circular tubes connecting to one separate tube with wires.

H2O: Connecting… done. Then, the batteries have fully charged by now, so you apply the electrons to the wires, then add the combination powder to the main connector, then add neutrons until all the powder dissolves, then add the frozen solution of electron water in the middle (it will never melt), continuously add protons when the charge is negative, and finally hide the mechanism with the metal.

SO2: This work is exhausting, and improve your grammar.


CH4: Wow, I am impressed. But combination powder must be soaked to work, so you have to dip it in water.

H2O: But then, the machine will malfunction, and I can not waste our hard work. 🙁

SO2: Do not worry, the electron ice will keep it waterproof.

H2O: Well okay then. 😀

SO2: Just look at the land of the atoms! It is fading rapidly, and one by one we will kidnap them and use this machine to take over! Lets get ready.

CH4: But the king knows nothing about this. We must inform it first.

H2O: We are exhausted, so we need to rest first before we continue our tiny steps to take over, then move onto the big ones.

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Rube Goldberg 1

We are starting a Rube Goldberg unit in school. Do you know what a Rube Goldberg machine is? It is a machine that uses a complex way to do a simple task, such as to crack an egg or ring a doorbell. it is named after the inventor and cartoonist Rube Goldberg, who designed many of such fascinating machines.

I made a tough decision to work as an individual, since there was a possibility for working with Elliott and Ronald. I already have decided that the goal of my Rube Goldberg is to pop a balloon. My brothers are helping me by offering suggestions for more complex ways.

I already have designed part of the machine, but I will add to it further in the project. I do not have a complete materials list yet. From my research, I learned there are many possibilities for a goal. I am also working on a zip line idea in the Rube Goldberg. I also tested the last 2 steps, a cylinder pushing a truck down a ramp with a needle taped to its front to pop a balloon in a napkin holder. That sounds ridiculous, right? It is so the balloon does not move away. But it can be useful.

I hope everything goes as expected, without too many takes. We already took a slow-mo video of the popping test.