Rube Goldberg 2

So as I have not done much of the project yet (for the final) I (more like we) have created a cardboard model using cardboard and a golf ball. I have a plan to create this on Imovie, though I am still a bit behind. Adding to the zip line, it can be used to push the truck other than the cylinder. I still have many choices to make. I was wondering if to use a TV box for the project, but my dad would not risk it because the project can damage it, and the box is relied on for exporting the TV. Without it, then we would have to buy another TV (possibly), which we do not want to happened. Otherwise, I look forward to the results of my project! 🙂

Rube Goldberg 1

We are starting a Rube Goldberg unit in school. Do you know what a Rube Goldberg machine is? It is a machine that uses a complex way to do a simple task, such as to crack an egg or ring a doorbell. it is named after the inventor and cartoonist Rube Goldberg, who designed many of such fascinating machines.

I made a tough decision to work as an individual, since there was a possibility for working with Elliott and Ronald. I already have decided that the goal of my Rube Goldberg is to pop a balloon. My brothers are helping me by offering suggestions for more complex ways.

I already have designed part of the machine, but I will add to it further in the project. I do not have a complete materials list yet. From my research, I learned there are many possibilities for a goal. I am also working on a zip line idea in the Rube Goldberg. I also tested the last 2 steps, a cylinder pushing a truck down a ramp with a needle taped to its front to pop a balloon in a napkin holder. That sounds ridiculous, right? It is so the balloon does not move away. But it can be useful.

I hope everything goes as expected, without too many takes. We already took a slow-mo video of the popping test.