Rube goldberg 4

I finished the takes on saturday, January 21 2017. It only took us 6 tries to finish it. The plan was to shoot a nerf gun, then the bullet hit a taped golf ball on a clothes hanger zip line, hitting another golf ball on a ramp course, then hitting a lego seesaw, kicking a tape roller, hitting lego dominoes knocking a soda can, the soda can fell off a table, hitting a swing ball (a golf ball with tape and string), hitting the corn carrier lego truck) with a needle taped onto it, popping the balloon. I will now explain why 5 takes failed.

Take                                                                             Reason

1                                                                 The golf ball did not hit the seesaw correctly.

2                                                                 The lego dominoes were misplaced and did not fall correctly

3                                                                  [No reason because it does not exsist]

4                                                                       The soda can did not hit the swing ball correctly

5                                                                    The gun did not fire correctly

6                                                                    It worked!!!

For a clearer explanation, you will have to watch the video I took (do not blame me for the music).

Rube Goldberg 1

We are starting a Rube Goldberg unit in school. Do you know what a Rube Goldberg machine is? It is a machine that uses a complex way to do a simple task, such as to crack an egg or ring a doorbell. it is named after the inventor and cartoonist Rube Goldberg, who designed many of such fascinating machines.

I made a tough decision to work as an individual, since there was a possibility for working with Elliott and Ronald. I already have decided that the goal of my Rube Goldberg is to pop a balloon. My brothers are helping me by offering suggestions for more complex ways.

I already have designed part of the machine, but I will add to it further in the project. I do not have a complete materials list yet. From my research, I learned there are many possibilities for a goal. I am also working on a zip line idea in the Rube Goldberg. I also tested the last 2 steps, a cylinder pushing a truck down a ramp with a needle taped to its front to pop a balloon in a napkin holder. That sounds ridiculous, right? It is so the balloon does not move away. But it can be useful.

I hope everything goes as expected, without too many takes. We already took a slow-mo video of the popping test.