Journal #7 CapCon 2021! (Post #1)

Hello Readers~

It sure has been some time since my last post!  Today I will be sharing a letter about my Capstone project.


Dear Incoming 5th Grader,

Along with the new spring blossoms, Capstone time has finally bloomed in 2021!  So far, Capstone is going pretty smoothly and I have learned a lot!   My Capstone project is Dreaming/Lucid Dreaming.  I chose this topic because Dreaming is a topic many people don’t know much of yet happens daily.  Dreaming is a vast topic and there are many unanswered questions to it.  My main question for this topic is “Why/How do we dream?” I never knew how we or even why we dream and this question interests me a lot.

The most helpful step in choosing my main question was truly just my choices.  Most of my choices were already used and Dreaming was the optimal choice for me.

I found the curriculum wheel challenging for me because dreaming didn’t really fall into math.  I at least found for architecture I could talk about the way a dream is built…  but there were many other downers.  I also got stuck between if my main question should be of Lucid Dreaming instead, but I found that questions for dreaming could be much more widespread, unlike Lucid Dreaming.

As a learner, I realized I was taking much more notes than I would have normally.  I just paraphrased every paragraph and the articles I read were all very juicy with information.  I ended up writing 6 pages full of notes but it is worth it.  Notes may be time-consuming but they are incredibly helpful.

I can use what I learned and apply writing notes to many subjects and my learning will become more consistent.  I would strongly suggest you take notes as well!


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