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Journal #6: Reflecting on My WeVideo Immigration Project (Post #2)

Hello Readers~

After a little chunk of time, I am back to update you on my Immigration Project.  I recently completed my WeVideo about my Mom’s immigration story.  I’ll link it towards the end of this post.

Since I personally think my immigration interview was pretty successful and clear, the WeVideo has accurate information though I think my voiceover could have been better.  My video was short but packed with information.  I hope you will enjoy it!


Journal #5: Reflecting on My Interview Immigration Project (Post #1)

Hello Readers~

There’s been a gap between my last blog and today’s blog…  Today I will be talking about my new Immigration Project Interview!  My Immigrant Interview has so far been pretty successful.  I learned a lot from my interviewee, (interviewer) Changxiu Li, my mom of her immigration story from China to Albany NY.  She is very satisfied with her new life in America and does not regret leaving China.  Since I’ve had some background knowledge on interviewing, I achieved the main part, which is to have a nice conversation.  I think that’s all I got today, and I will be updating you as I go further into the project!  See you soon!

Journal #4: FINAL Constitution Blog Post (#3)

Hello Readers~  It has been a nice week until my last blog post.  I have finally finished my Constitution Project!  Today I will be reflecting on my experiences and talk about what I learned.  If you recall, my topic was

What were the differences between the New Jersey and Virginia Plan?


I researched a lot and found some really important information and I jotted down many notes.  I started putting my information into paragraph form and finally created an infographic template.  After a LONG time perfecting the colors…  I finally copied my information into my infographic and here is the link!

⚝ See you next time!  ⚝

Journal #3: Constitution Project Research! (Post #2)

Hello Readers~

It has been a while since my last post, and today I will be updating you on my Constitution Project! My topic for the Constitution Project is

What were the differences between the New Jersey and Virginia Plan?

In the past few days, I did some research about my topic.  I used multiple sources for research including ThoughtCo and Constitution Facts!  I learned a lot more throughout this process and went more into depth.

I found it hard to find a lot of sources on this topic,  it was hard to sum up all the facts I collected and make it into more of a paragraph that melts into each other and I worked hard.  It motivated me that if I got it done sooner, I would be happier and it would be easier for the future too!  I have decided to make an infographic for my final project, and I will show you my final project in 9 days, see you in my next post!

Journal #2: What were the differences between the New Jersey Plan and the Virginia plan? (Post #1)

I chose this question because I enjoy compare and contrast texts and don’t know a lot about this topic.  I hope I will learn more throughout this project about the New Jersey and Virginia plan.  For this project, I will be not only focusing on the differences of congress but also explain the differences between the other branches.  I will keep updating my resources and information further into this project.

Journal 1: BIDEN FOR 2020

        I would like the democratic candidate, Joe Biden to win the election in 2020 this year.  Joe Biden was the vice president of Barrack Obama and was a Senator of Delaware for 36 years.  Biden stands for international health care so every American will have equal healthcare and get free COVID-19 tests to make sure everyone is safe.  He will provide extra protection gear for essential workers and shore up safeguards to protect at-risk Americans, including older people so all Americans will be safe. 

Also for the economy, Joe Biden’s Build Back Better plan ensures coming out of this profound public health and economic crisis and facing the persistent climate crisis, we are never caught flat-footed again. He will launch a national effort aimed at creating the jobs we need to build a modern, sustainable infrastructure now and deliver an equitable clean energy future.

 BIDEN 2020!!