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Journal #8 CapCon 2021! (Post #2)

Hello Readers~

I have dug a little deeper into my Capstone.  My topic is finalized as What Happens When You Sleep?  It is mostly about dreaming and lucid dreaming.  I will just be writing here of what I wanted to include in my script but couldn’t since it is too long 🙁

Here it is!

Dream Interpretations 

Although there is no solid proof, dreams can be allegories of what is really happening in your life.  

Getting Lost: This dream usually means you are unsure of what the next step is in a certain situation in real life.  

Being late, or missing an Opportunity: Have you ever dreamed of being late for a bus or an important meeting?  This usually reflects on regrets you have for not pursuing your goal.  

Car Scenarios:  When you find yourself dreaming about cars, it usually means that you feel you don’t have control over a circumstance in your life, or you may be facing trouble in the future.  

Failing Tests:  This occasionally means that you feel that you’re being tested, making you apprehensive of what comes next.

Being Chased:  This is a dream people usually with anxiety have.  It means that you are trying to run away from something in life.

Falling/Sinking: People who have this dream generally feel helpless or overwhelmed.  This type of dream means you are not content with what you have/are in life.  

Journal #7 CapCon 2021! (Post #1)

Hello Readers~

It sure has been some time since my last post!  Today I will be sharing a letter about my Capstone project.


Dear Incoming 5th Grader,

Along with the new spring blossoms, Capstone time has finally bloomed in 2021!  So far, Capstone is going pretty smoothly and I have learned a lot!   My Capstone project is Dreaming/Lucid Dreaming.  I chose this topic because Dreaming is a topic many people don’t know much of yet happens daily.  Dreaming is a vast topic and there are many unanswered questions to it.  My main question for this topic is “Why/How do we dream?” I never knew how we or even why we dream and this question interests me a lot.

The most helpful step in choosing my main question was truly just my choices.  Most of my choices were already used and Dreaming was the optimal choice for me.

I found the curriculum wheel challenging for me because dreaming didn’t really fall into math.  I at least found for architecture I could talk about the way a dream is built…  but there were many other downers.  I also got stuck between if my main question should be of Lucid Dreaming instead, but I found that questions for dreaming could be much more widespread, unlike Lucid Dreaming.

As a learner, I realized I was taking much more notes than I would have normally.  I just paraphrased every paragraph and the articles I read were all very juicy with information.  I ended up writing 6 pages full of notes but it is worth it.  Notes may be time-consuming but they are incredibly helpful.

I can use what I learned and apply writing notes to many subjects and my learning will become more consistent.  I would strongly suggest you take notes as well!


Journal #6: Reflecting on My WeVideo Immigration Project (Post #2)

Hello Readers~

After a little chunk of time, I am back to update you on my Immigration Project.  I recently completed my WeVideo about my Mom’s immigration story.  I’ll link it towards the end of this post.

Since I personally think my immigration interview was pretty successful and clear, the WeVideo has accurate information though I think my voiceover could have been better.  My video was short but packed with information.  I hope you will enjoy it!


Journal #5: Reflecting on My Interview Immigration Project (Post #1)

Hello Readers~

There’s been a gap between my last blog and today’s blog…  Today I will be talking about my new Immigration Project Interview!  My Immigrant Interview has so far been pretty successful.  I learned a lot from my interviewee, (interviewer) Changxiu Li, my mom of her immigration story from China to Albany NY.  She is very satisfied with her new life in America and does not regret leaving China.  Since I’ve had some background knowledge on interviewing, I achieved the main part, which is to have a nice conversation.  I think that’s all I got today, and I will be updating you as I go further into the project!  See you soon!