September 18

Tech #2

In Tech there are lots of quotes around the room. My favorite one is β€œI have not failed 10,000 times, I have just found ways that won’t work.” Thomas Edison. I think this is very interesting because that makes failing a way to learn because you found ways that did not work. I leaned that Thomas Edison had lots of great quotes. I really enjoy reading all of the quotes around the room.

September 17

Tech #3

Today we used Vectornator to design our jewelry. At first when we started to use Vectornator it was very hard but it has became a lot of easier. The cool thing about Vectornator is that you can make so many designs on just on thing. You can make them invisible and work on a new one. I think this app is very fun to use and so helpful. I cant wait until we make and sober them.

September 10

Tech Post #1

In 6th grade my first quarterly is Tech. I am very excited to have this class because I love to do hands on activities. So far we have learned about safety. It was very interesting to learn about the ways we could stay safe.. He sort of told us all the ways we could die. He told us how some guy got a power drill stuck in his hair.