May 12

My Plant Observation



Control observation

Manipulated Observation

I planted in baking soda.

5/8 Today I see a lot of green leaves and another plant that is emerging. Today we see nothing. I do not think it is going to grow.


5/26 A pod is 1 in tall that is really tall. It died.


6/2 My leaves are turning pink and they are dried out.



We took it off the water source.
April 17

Bye Bye Plastic Bags

The “book of the month,”One Plastic Bag, By: Miranda Paul is about a girl named Isatou in Gambia. Isatou sees all of this plastic on ground, and all of the goats are eating all of the plastic and are choking. Isatou does not like it. This is what she does, she gets together with some people, and crochet the plastic bags into wallets.

We also saw a TED Talk about two kids who live in Bali. They started campaign to get rid of plastic bags. They were supposed to to finish in 2018 but they finished a year early!!! I think it is amazing that two kids can stop something big.

April 4

Because of winn-Dixie movie vs book

Similarities between the movie and the book, Because of Winn-dixie, are Otis told Opal and Winn-Dixie why he was in jail. Another similarity is all of the characters have the same traits in the movie and the book. Another similarity is Sweetie Pie Thomas loves dogs. Winn-Dixie is a dog in both the movie and the book. Another similarity is Otis brought pickles to the party. Also the Preacher is Opals dad in both the book and movie. Another similarity is Opal lost her Mama.


There are many differences between the movie and the book Because of Winn-Dixie. One is Gloria Dump is more spooky in the movie than in the book. One more is the Preacher did not come to the party in the movie. Also Winn-Dixie was going to go to the pound but the Preacher stopped it in the movie. Another difference is Otis did not have to be asked a lot to come to the party in the movie.  

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