May 6

Tech 7 #2

Last week we made paper airplanes. I made four airplanes. My first plane had delta wings with 2 paper clips on the back because I wanted more drag. This airplane kept on nose diving. I am not really sure why because I made sure the back was heavy. My second plane had wider delta wings. This plane went far but kept on turning. My third plane had delta wings but the nose was a lot bigger. This plane kept on spinning in the air. My last plane was my best the front and back weight were equal. This plane kept on flying but at the end it would flip over. Overall I think I know what I will have to do to do my wood plane.

April 27

Tech 7 #1

Gummy bears/ gummy worms are very easy to mold. This is important because many gummy worms will have to be molded into the same shape. Gummy’s don’t have great tensile strength. This could be good or bad. This means they are easy to rip apart.  They also have a lot of ductility. If it is two hat they will melt in the sun.

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