Living in a Remix Culture

film reelToday we looked at some examples of remixed media. Some day YOU will publish original media content on the Internet, whether it’s a movie script, song, video, etc.

How would you feel if your fans remixed your work into something new?
What would you want them to do to show respect for your rights as a content creator?

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New Meeting Room

Hey guys! We love your ideas so far and would like to work together to come up with one final design that can make the lunch line in the New Meeting run more smoothly. We have few questions for you – if you guys don’t know the answer to these questions it would be super helpful if you could ask your teachers or any other people in your school. First of all, who prints the receipts and do the teachers have access to them? Are we able to change the font and add pictures on the receipt? Will the school need to use more aids and or staff members to supervise kids during the split lunch and recess? Do we need to talk to the principal about changing this process? If so, would it be possible for you guys to go down to the principal’s office and talk to him about our new idea? We hope you guys are having fun with the design process, and we can’t wait to hear from you guys again soon! -Chris, Jess, Josh, and Brooke 

New Meeting Room

Our goal is to eliminate the long line in the lunch room every day, and streamline the whole overall lunch experience in the school.

Our idea is to separate the one hour lunch period into two half hour periods, one for lunch and one for recess. Half of the students would go to to lunch first, and half would go to recess. There would be two lunch options available to all students. The students parents will buy the meal for the students the week before the lunch period. There would be two lines for the two different meals, with a picture of the meal being served in front of the line. The lines would operate on a rotating system, where the student first in the lunch line one day would be last in the line the next day.


My prototype is a wristband that creates a more practical line system for the kids in the lunchroom. When the parents order the food for the kid through the app, they insert a colored card with a picture of the kids’ food for the day into the bracelet. During the lunch period, the kids go into lines based on color of their wristband so that the lines go quicker and the system is more efficient.


My prototype is a bracelet with a clear slot to slip in a the bracelet. The kids would pick numbers out of a hat and slip them into the bracelet to determine their spots in line. This would help equalize and streamline the lines in the cafeteria


My prototype is a simple menu which shows the meal of the day. There is both a picture and a description of the meal and children can choose whether or not they want to bring lunch that day. The menu can be found online and in the cafeteria.

New Meeting Room

Hi guys! Great job! We really liked your idea about the bigger font and the pictures for the younger kids. You guys did a really good job finding out who to design for, and what the main issue is. If you watch the video we made, we had some similar ideas. Because you guys are practicing how to be real life entrepreneurs and designers, the next step is to redesign your problem. Feel free to use inspiration from our designs and try to make them even better. Great job guys!


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