Almost Summary

In , Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew, Nancy and the clue crew {Nancy, Goerge and Bess} are at a camp at the zoo. Every team had 3 people so the they decided to be a team. They wanted to get the toy making job for the animals but so did team weasel but they got the job. Team Weasle was mad so they told them when they get the job cleaning out the petting zoo it would smell bad and its’s really gross too. When it was time to go to bed Nancy heard a noise. She decided to wait till morning to tell her friends. In the morning after she told her friends. Joenne { a zookeeper} told them some of the enrichment toys have not been given to the animals. They think team weasel did it to get back at them. Later on they had a tour of the animal hospital. After that they looked in the rabbit’s pen and found one of the zookeepers son’s toys in there. So now they had a new suspect Eathan {the zookeeper’s son}. In the morning the zookeepers said more toys have been missing. So it couldn’t have been team weasel because why would they steal their own toys? So their last suspect is Eathan. They only had one more day to figure out the mystery. They went to breakfast in the cafeteria and saw Merlin yawn. They asked her to try counting sheep at night. Then they went to clean out the petting zoo. They had to feed the chickens and even out the hay. While George was evening out the hay she saw a foot print in the cement. It didn’t look like any human foot. Now they had no suspects. They went to the party the last night of camp. They didn’t know who did it but you are going to have to read it to figure out who did. you are going to have to read it to figure out who did.tiger,

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