My Rocketry Project

I think that our whole group is happy about the work we did today because now we think that we are ready to start creating our bottle rockets. Also, our entire group has decided on our materials list. I think that we are in a good position to start making our rockets.

I’m frustrated by the fact that most of the photos i brought in were the same as someone else’s in the group. Also the fact that I don’t do that much planning but when I do i’m happy. Today our group started to create our rocket. Harry was learning how to attach our fins to the bottle while Leila, Audrey and I worked on the fins. We made a lot of progress and i’m happy that we are all doing something and enjoying it. One thing I think we should do a better job at is to not focus as much on the color and design. I think we could have done a little more work if we didn’t argue as much. But besides that we are working really well on our rocket. We are thinking about one of us doing the 3-D printing tutorial.

Today is the next day and we did really good. All of us are doing the 3-D printing design. Also we finished duck taping our rocket and wings. By doing the 3-D printing we have made several designs and we will chose one we want to use. We used our inspiration board to give us some ideas. Our inspiration board is a board we made which  has some rockets and other rocket related photos on it. We also have been studying Isaac Newton and his three laws of gravity.

The one thing that surprised us was that we couldn’t use hot glue with the duck tape for two reasons. Reason one, the duck tape would melt. Reason two, the duck tape is too slippery and they would fall off. The one thing that our whole group is looking forward to is how high our rocket will go. We think that if our first launch doesn’t go that high we might make the nose cone out of a different material. When we do make it to launch day we hope that ours can at least go twenty meters high. Also i hope nothing falls off or explodes. Yes, there was a rocket that exploded!

Our strategy was to make it so that it will go high. What we did was we made one heavy part and the rest light. If we made it too heavy it wouldn’t go as high. We also put three fins so that we can lower the weight a little and it seems to be more balanced and go straight. We also tried to make it as aerodynamic as possible so it goes smoothly.

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