Stop Motion

On Friday 5-B started stop motion. The first step was making groups. Sarah and Rhema weren’t here so we forgot them. We came up with a solution. Their would be 3 groups of 4 and 3 groups of three. This was fair because Sarah and Rhema would be in the groups of four and every group would have three people for that day. My group is Me, Asher and Chase.

Then we chose our lego pieces that we would use. We chose a king, a guard, a bad guy, Iron Man and a flying bird guy. Our Idea was to have a king sitting and a guard guarding him. Then the bad guy would come and try and kidnap the king. Then the bird guy and Iron Man come and save the king.

A little after we went to the computer lab to learn how to do it. We got a assigned laptop and started. We had to hook up the camera and set up. We got around one second done before class ended.

The next day we we worked in our classroom. We had to restart because it was a different background and our platforms were off. We started off good and quickly got to one second. We started to struggle and it took us a long time to get to the second second. We struggled for half of the second second but then we got our groove on. We started moving the people and taking photos. We got to our forth second in 5 minutes. We had finally finished. It seemed short but we couldn’t make it to long.  It was just in time to. We were proud of ourselves. It worked out pretty well and as we planned. That was our lego stop motion.

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