Benjamin Franklin Lightning Rod


The lighting rod is an invention created by Benjamin Franklin. It started when ben was trying to see if there was electricity in lightning.

Ben was very curious about lightning and thought that lightning had electricity in it. He went outside one day and flew his kite that had a wire that started at the top and led to the bottom. At the bottom there was a metal key. When the lightning hits the kite he would hopefully feel a shock. Soon lightning did hit the kite and the electricity went down the wire and to the key. Then just like that he felt a shock.

That led to the creation of the lightning rod. Lightning was hitting houses and were catching fire. Benjamin Franklin was trying to solve that problem so ben came up with a solution. The Lightning Rod!

The lightning rod got its name because that is exactly what it is. Its a rod that attracts lightning. The way it works is the rod goes above your house. When the lightning hits it the electricity goes through the rod and goes to the ground. The rod must be metal or another object that won’t catch fire.

The lightning rod is still in use today along with other Benjamin Franklin inventions like bifocal glasses and franklin stove. Maybe you have one of his inventions?

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