It is almost time for Christmas! We just finished putting up our decorations. I’m having Christmas Eve at my house with my cousins. Were are going to play with our Polar Express (Train). I’m going to show them my room and my decorations. Were going to eat and exchange presents. I can’t wait to see them.

Also I can’t wait for Christmas Day. I can’t to see what Santa gets me. Also what my cousins got me. (I hate getting clothes). I always know what my grandma got me. She always gets me a Hess truck. Other than that I can’t wait to see what i get.

I’m also going to my cousins house for Christmas Day. We tell each other what we got and have fun with Lola (Their dog). We sometimes bring one or two gifts to play with. It is always fun playing with my cousins on Christmas and just Christmas in general.

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