My Writing Journey (so far)

This school year I have done a lot of writing. Articles, Personal narratives, Fiction and more. I like to write Personal narratives because their about me and what i’ve done. I wrote two this year. The Game and The Last Game of the Season. They were both exciting, true and about soccer! I love to write about soccer. I think that The last game of the season was better because I learned more skills/technique which helped me write a better story.

We also wrote Articles. I wrote one about the Halloween Party. I made it two pats. Part one was before the party. I wrote about what we were going to do and what i’m excited for. Part two is about what happened and how I felt after.

I also wrote an infographic about Isaac Newton. I researched Isaac Newton and his three laws. I also wrote facts about him and his life. Gravity, mathematician and more. It was fun and cool learning about Isaac Newton.

We also wrote a lot of essays. My best essay was for Panyee FC. It was three pages long and was really good. Panyee FC is a soccer club in southern Thailand. It’s about boys on a floating village and trying to become professional soccer stars. It was fun and awesome.

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