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In life never give up even if someone is doubting you, and try to accomplish your goals. In life people will doubt you but you need to stay strong. In the short movie Panyee FC a ,,group of young boys in the village keep on trying even though the villager is doubting them. They never gave up even though the villager was doubting them and the went and accomplished their goal. They tried in the beginning, middle and end of the story.


In the beginning of the film a group of young villagers learn that it will be hard to find space or to build space. They had to find wood and tools like paint brushes, nails hammers and fishing rafts to build the soccer field. The narrator said “We started by collecting some old wood from around the village.” In the video it shows them collecting wood and making the soccer field. They had to work on it after school and during any free time. The naranater said “after a lot of work we had our own pitch to play on.”It showed them painting the field and goals and creating the feld. They finally finished and were really proud of themselves. There was a small problem though, It had nails sticking out it was small and it got wet from the boys going in the water. They would sometimes step on nails on fall of the edge because it’s slippery. It was hard to shoot and score because the goals were the size of Hockey nets!


In life never give up even is someone is doubting you, and try to accomplish your goals. In the movie a villager was laughing at the young group of boys and making fun of them. The boys ignored him and kept on practicing. He was saying that there was no space to play because they live on a floating village. Nobody had a backyard and the houses were cramped together. In the film, it showed a guy trying to ride a bike but there was no room for him to pass another person so he fell in the water. The villager said “look around you, look where you live.” That means that if the looked all around they wouldn’t find any space, but they weren’t discouraged and still built the pitch. Going back to their small pitch it would be hard to train on it and become champions. The villager said “You won’t become champions on that thing.” It was very hard to practice and to become champions on a wooden field. It was crazy for them to start a team and build their soccer field. That’s exactly what the villager told them. The narrator said “ When the other villagers heard our plan they thought it was ridiculous.” Nobody really believed in them and they were all by themselves.


They never gave up even though the villager was doubting them and they went after their goal. Their determination inspired the village to buy new gear for them. They bought jerseys and cleats for the tournament. When they got their they were nervous because the other team looked good. When they started they were really good. They won the quarterfinals and went to the semifinals. The day of the semifinals it was raining and the other team was really good. The other team scored two goals by halftime. They had to find a way to come back and they did just that. They took off their shoes and went out their and played. One boy said “Our boots filled with water, which slowed us down a lot The shoes were slowing them down and were uncomfortable. It was easier because they were used to playing barefoot and having a slippery surface. They were able to move much quicker and scored two goals. But the other team scored and won.  They were youth champions though in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. They made Football Panyee’s number one pastime and formed the original Panyee FC.

In conclusion you should never give up even if someone is doubting you and try to accomplish your goals. The boys were very brave and courageous to do what they did. They never gave up when they had no space to play. They never gave up when the villager was doubted them and even made them believe that they could do the tournament. They never gave up in the second half. They never gave up and accomplished their goal of becoming professional players and started Panyee FC.


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