Rube Goldberg Overall

Rube Goldberg was really fun! When we were making the design it was hard. We weren’t agreeing on what to do and some stuff was impossible. Also we didn’t have the right materials so it was hard. Then we finally agreed on a design that could work. It started with scoring a goal then the ball would go down a ramp. Then it will hit dominos. The dominos will hit a ball. The ball will go down 2 tubes before hitting a marble. The marble goes down 2 more tubes and hit a golf ball. The golf ball goes down a tube on the stairs and hit backing soda into vinegar. We were really happy that we finally agreed.

Building it was the hard part though because the dominos were always falling down. Sometimes the tubes would fall or the balls wouldn’t go in. It was hard work and it took a lot of time. It was fun though. Also we had to find a way so that the bowling pins would fall correctly. That was our main problem. We decided to make the ramp go all the way to the bottom and see if that would work. When we finally got it we started to try it.

We tried and the dominos didn’t fall for around 7 tries. Then the tubes didn’t work for 3 tries and the bowling pins didn’t work for around 55 tries. We started to get annoyed and we were so tired. We had worked since 3:30 and it was 10:00. ┬áThen finally it all worked. We were so happy because it was so late and because it worked. We were so tired but so happy. We were really happy that we finished it.


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