Are we wasting our money?

Is it worth it to explore extreme environments? I think it is. A television show I once saw about Mars said that scientists were discovering things on Mars that are similar to things on Earth. Also in the movie The Martian it showed a man surviving on Mars. It looked scary but also it looked real. It showed him growing food and getting water. It showed that mankind can survive on Mars. I think it is worth it to explore extreme environments because in case something happens to earth we will need a place to go. In extreme environments there can be treasures deep in the sea that have not been found and if we stop exploring, all of the missions in the past were for nothing. Also potentially we might find other objects on Mars, or other planets that will help us understand the universe or Earth                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           better.

How do we know that the world might end? How do we know that what happened to the dinosaurs won’t happen to us? Truth is we don’t. If something were to happen to the earth what would happen? Where would we go? The only place would be out of this world. If a meteor was coming towards earth we couldn’t stay here. We would have to evacuate. The only place is out of this world. You probably didn’t know but the article Space Object Explodes Over Russia in 2013 a lorry size space rock exploded in the skies above Siberia. It injured hundreds and what if it was bigger? If that happens again but with a bigger meteor it could be much worse. Everyone knows that we are destroying forests but do you know why? It’s because we are building houses. If we need more houses that means human population is increasing. Soon we won’t have anywhere to build houses if we keep increasing. What if that becomes a problem? What will we do? We can’t get rid of all the trees because then we will have no air. Then we will have to leave this planet and go to space. Also in the article Effects of Overpopulation it says that only 2.5% of watter is fresh. We need fresh water to survive and with more people born there will be less available water. Overpopulation and meteors are not the only problem. Global Warming is also slowly taking effect. The world is just far enough away from the sun. But with the extra heat who knows what will happen. Places like Antarctica are losing its land because of global warming. Places like america and other northern countries are getting hotter. Just imagine what will happen to Africa and South America. We might need to leave Earth sometime soon because of Global Warming.  

So many ships have sunk in the world. Most were not found. Who says we can’t find them. That would be good for us and we can learn where it came from and more about it. Who ever said that all myths are fake? Most myths have not been proven real like Atlantis. Or other myths that just might be true. Pirate ships or viking ships that have treasure might be found. Shipwrecks from long ago are now very valuable. Some might still be intact. Some might still be out their. Additionally people found gold coins in the ocean. In the article Deep sea salvage: Finding long lost treasures of the deep “Gold coins brought up from the SS Republic by Odyssey Marine Exploration.” People really are finding treasure below the sea just like these coins. Now people are even finding cities! Technologies originally developed for oil exploration have helped to reveal the location of two ancient Egyptian cities buried for over a millennium beneath the seabed in the Nile Delta. Thats crazy how much people have found over the years below the surface. Ships were found under the ocean. “An Ancient Shipwreck, Mediterranean Sea. This 50-foot merchant vessel reportedly sank around 3,400 years ago off in the Mediterranean. The ancient wreck, located off the coast of Turkey, contains a host of treasures including a gold chalice, an amphora and a two-handed cup known as a kylix” That is a sunken boat and treasure! Wow! People can really find stuff under the sea. Also the titanic was found deep under the sea. So many ships found and many more still out there waiting to be found. We might find more cities, treasure or ships.

We should not stop exploring space because then all of our missions in the past were for nothing. We can’t just abandon space exploration. We would have wasted so much and then we just stop. In the article The real reasons we explore space it says “I am convinced that if Nasa were to disappear people in this country would be profoundly distraught.” People will be upset if we stop exploring space. The whole space race was for nothing. It would truly be a big step down for America. And no one and i mean no one will be happy. Also we would have wasted and absurd amount of money. We spend billions of dollars on 1 rocket. Think about all those rockets we sent into space. All the satellites. We spent so much money and if we stop we wasted around 10 TRILLION dollars on space exploration. If we stop you mine as well have just destroyed it. We can’t stop because if we do then we will have wasted so much money that it will be sad. If we stop we could have used that money for other things like a cure for cancer. Or world hunger. If we stop we are just throwing all that money in the garbage. If we stop its goodbye 3.4 trillion dollars we wasted you. Not to mention all of the people who died exploring space. Those poor people that died for space exploration and we just stop. They gave their life for this and we just quit. 18 people have died exploring space. You might say that we should stop before more people die but I think we should keep going. We should accomplish their dream. We should do this for them. We need to help them. We need to do this for them. All of those crashes that happened. All those people that died. In the article Nasa Remembers Three Space Tragedies it says “73 seconds after takeoff, the shuttle erupted in a fireball that killed the entire crew. Also in the same article it says “On Jan. 27, 1967, three of the first group of NASA astronauts – Virgil ?Gus? Grissom, Edward White and Roger Chaffee – died during a routine ground test of the Apollo capsule. We lost a lot of people and we should keep going for them.

Space and water exploration are very important things. They teach us how the world works and how the universe works. They teach us a lot of things and we can’t stop searching these areas. If the world ends we aint got a place to go. We could find insane objects artifacts etc. All of our missions in the past were for a reason. Everything happens for a reason. Everything we did we don’t want to lose. We need to keep searching these environments. We need to keep going.

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