Capstone #1 Choosing a topic

In fifth grade my grade and I will start our biggest project yet, Capstone. For all the other years I’ve been in elementary school, I’ve watched the fifth graders do their capstone project and now it is time I do mine. Capstone is a project where you choose a topic you want and form really good questions that you will have to research. For example I am researching how does the relationship between dogs and humans benefit both. To find the answer will be doing a six week research project. I will do an interview, site visit and either an IMovie or and Ignite. But for the final project you can present your information anyway you want.

To start I had a big topic of Pomeranian’s. Than we made a poster of questions we have about what our big topic is. I thought of a bunch of questions. I thought of a bunch and I decided to put two together. I decided that I will research how does the relationship between dogs and humans benefit both. . I chose this topic because I wonder how my Pomeranian acted as a baby and does the amount of care that my family and I put into him affect him.

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