Capstone – Site Visit

For my site visit I went to Guiding eyes for the blind. The trip their took 30 minutes and it was pouring. We finally got their we had to watch the graduation. The graduation was cooler than we thought because we got to see all the dogs helping their owners. After the graduation we had 30 minutes of free time to explore before the tour. Their was cake and lemonade so I had some and then started to explore. My dad found where they had puppies and I got to play with them. While I was playing with the puppies I learned more about guide dogs. I learned that they find an owner to take care of them until they are around 18 months old then they start training. After that we started the tour. The tour was about where the guide dogs stay. So their was two kennels 1 kennel was for the dogs that were new and the other was for dogs that have been their for a while. We first went to see the newer dogs. They were really cute and while I was their I saw that they only had Gold and Black Labradors and German Shepards. We got to pet them and learn about them. Out the window we could see where the dogs play and I learned that each dog plays twice a day. I took some photos and then we went to see the older dogs. They were much calmer and relaxed than the other dogs. While I was their I learned that few dogs were chosen to train a month for 2 reasons. 1. their isn’t enough people to train all the dogs and 2 because Not hundreds of people need them a month so they only need to train a few dogs for the people who need them. I took more photos and saw the dogs playing again. After the tour was over and we went home.

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