Graphic Novels Process

Around May 10th we started graphic novels. Graphic novels are books but with little text and a lot of pictures. Its pretty much a comic except most of the time it’s longer. So we started off by reading comics with our reading partner. My reading partner is max. We were reading sports illustrated to start but then we started to read Goldie Vance which is longer and more complicated. After we finished Goldie Vance we started to read a series called Amulet. We read the first 2 books together but then on the weekend Max read the 5 other books. Typical Max. Then When I finished the series we started to work on making on graphic novels. I decided to do my graphic novel with Arav. We thought of the idea of a rock named Mr. Rock. He gets bullied and has no friends so he wants to become president and ban friendship. We started to do a final project but it just wasn’t good enough so that was our draft and we did a final project after. We wrote all of our text on a google doc and printed it. Then I glued all the words and Arav wrote all the words we didn’t print. Then Arav drew the first page and then we ran out of time but our project was due Tuesday and we only had 3 days so I brought it home with me. I finished drawing I started to color in the drawings.  I finished the project at around 8 at night on Monday (three day weekend). It was a lot of hard work but we finally got it done. At school we glued our graphic novel on black paper and took photos. Then we made it into a slideshow (shown below). Also I read the book and talk about it on my youtube channel (link below). So that is our graphic novel process and I hope you like it.




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