Capstone Presentation

I did my presentation in the computer lab and my dad was so happy. It is one of two rooms in the school with air conditioner. But besides that it was like every other place where other kids were presenting. I was last and I was the only person in the computer lab that was doing and ignite. An ignite is when you talk with a slideshow behind you but the slides move every 15 seconds. When Arya was going second to last so she was before me and I was really nervous. So when it was my turn I was really nervous but then I calmed myself down and started to talk. I went through it pretty smooth and got the hang of it. I was fine after the first minute and looked at my cards for a second than looked up. I looked straight at the camera and was calm. Even though it felt like 1 minute it was over! It went so quick that I was so surprised. I was so happy and my parents were so proud of me and we celebrated the whole day. It was really fun doing capstone and I can’t wait to do another research project like this again.

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