Technology #3

During the last few days in my quarterly (technology) we have been starting to learn about atoms, protons, neutrons and electrons. During this we learned about how atoms work and about magnets. Were learning about how they work and what they really do.  During this we learned that if we took a grapefruit and made it the size of the earth we would be able to see the atom but not the nucleus. In order to find the  nucleus you would have to make the atom the size of a football stadium to be able to see the nucleus. We are learning about this because our first unit is circuits and we need to know how they work. We also learned that neutrons have a neutral reaction, a proton has a positive reaction and a electron has a negative reaction. This means that protons don’t like other protons because they don’t like other protons and electrons don’t like other negatives or electrons. That’s what we’ve learned so far about atoms, neutrons, protons and electrons.

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