Technology #5

Today in class we started to learn about cricut’s and batteries. We used a multimeter to track the speed of the electrons going through the cricut. We also learned why batteries die and that different batteries with different speeds. We are also continuing to learn about the periodic table and how they created atoms.  We also learned that HYdrogen does not have a neutron and how lithium can have 3 or 4 neutrons. We also saw that oganesson is the largest atom that we know of with 118 protons and a atomic mass of 294. In order to make another atom we would have to create an atom with 119 protons. Also copper makes most of our wires because it is the cheapest. We could also use gold and silver to make wires but that would be very expensive. In order for it to be conductive the atom must have a specific electron at the end. That’s what we learned in class today.

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