Technology #6

Yesterday in class we started to make basic circuits. Before that though we learned a lot about circuits. We used digital circuits to learn how they work and how to build them. We also learned how to blow up the batteries but that has not happened so far in our class. Doing these practices we all learned how to create circuits and were prepared to do it in real life. I started to work on mine and I did it correctly but it still didn’t turn on. I tried checking the voltage of the battery and it said 2.86 which was good but it wasn’t working. I started to look at other peoples batteries to see if they had done anything different from me. I was really confused when I saw I had done the same thing as them. Then I tried to get a new light bulb because I knew that might be the problem. I switched my light bulbs and it worked. I was so happy that I finally got it to work. Right as I finished it it was the end of class. I walked out of tech happy and proud. That was my first experience with circuits.

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