May 2020

Tech 5/14

So far in tech we have learned a lot about trees and all different types of trees. We’ve learned about hardwood and softwood. And the different leaves and what the trees are used for. Hardwood is used as fuel, construction, tools, boats, furniture, and a lot more. So basically hardwood is used for bigger projects… Read more Tech 5/14

Tech 5/7

For this blog post I will be answering question 3. I think that most of these laws that are stated are trying to help the environment. The laws are that 2 trees standing and 2 trees down and they must replant the sight within 2 years. The main flaw with this is that during those… Read more Tech 5/7

Why boys speak up during class more than girls.

While boys speak up during class more often than girls and girls are more likely to email, I don’t think it really has anything to do with gender and more with personalities. Some students are really outgoing and extroverted and they are willing to ask questions in front of the entire class. On the other… Read more Why boys speak up during class more than girls.