“Task Definition” (Capstone Post #1)

Lately, I have been working on a project named “Capstone.” There have been due dates the past week but then we had to come up with a topic and a question. My topic is coding video games and my question is,  “What are the new technologies for video games and how do they impact performance?” So far, I am having fun. I just need to find more resources. Can’t wait to study more about this topic.

Immigration Reflection

I really liked doing this project. I had a nice time learning about my Father, Froilan Cajayon Mendoza and why he came to America. The most challenging part was fitting my audio in my WeVideo pictures and videos. When I recorded my lines, it didn’t fit into the picture or video. Overall, I had a fun time.

My video:


Blog Post #2 (My Constitution Project Research)

Researching was kind of hard and also kind of fun. I learned that President Trump is a great example of a person who has acquired a great deal of power being the president of America. He believes in the “American Dream,” yet disregards other countries of their cultures and dreams. He had the power and now he wants it back. Another thing is it is kind of hard finding the information I want on sites. I will post again on February 5th.

Should the Electoral College be Changed?

I think the Electoral College is unfair and should be changed because it results to a president that people don’t want.

An example of this is the president that people want can win the popular vote, but still lose because he/she failed to get 270 electoral votes. This means that the losing candidate may have gained more than 50% of the ballets cast by voters. But he/she still lost because that he/she failed to gain 270 of the electoral votes. Also, there is an advantage when winning big states because you get more votes because of it.

With proven facts I found on a website, this tells me that the Electoral College isn’t as fair. I learned that the president can still lose even though the president wins the popular vote. I hope you enjoyed why I think the Electoral College isn’t that fair. Bye.

Who I hope wins the election

I want Joe Biden, Democrat, to win the election. One of the reasons why I want Joe Biden to win the election is because he wants to help the businesses to safely reopen. Because of coronavirus, millions of people lost their jobs because of it. When the businesses safely reopen, people can get their jobs back. Once they get their jobs back, they can feed their families and have the money to survive.

Another reason why I think Joe Biden should win the election is because he says that he wants to make sure all students have access to access to high quality educational opportunities from preschool through college. He also said that he wants to make tuition at public colleges and universities free for many families.

These are 2 reasons why I want Joe Biden to win the election. Hopefully, you will agree with me and vote Joe Biden for our president if your old enough. If he wins, I bet he will do what he promised to do if he was president. I hope you enjoyed this short post about me writing about why I hope Joe Biden wins. Bye.



In the book Wish by Barbara O’Connor, You should not judge a book by its cover. Here’s an example on what I am saying. When Charlie was first in the school bus riding home, She saw Howard walking his up down walk into his house. When Charlie saw it in first sight, she thought it was a very sad place. It was messy, and it probably is even messier then Charlie thinks. But when Charlie went inside the house, she saw stuff she missed out on. She saw a very nice loving family who always look after each other and help them. Then, Charlie realizes that if Howard when to her house back in Rolley, He will see how sad it is. I actually feel very sad for her when she felt lonely because that’s how I felt in kindergarten. I was staying on the grass lonely while everyone was playing games. But just like Howard, A guy came to me and became a friend of mine. I also did that to some people who looked lonely at playgrounds or sometimes camp. Anyways back to the story. Charlie was holding her mad feelings all day if like shes accepting the mad In the plane. Even thought Charlie was being mean to Howard though, he continued to be his best he can be and being nice. I hope that they eventually fine wishbone and everyone can be happy.

Jamestown and Plymouth

This is a project about the differences, similarities, and questions about Jamestown & Plymouth. This project only took a day and it was a bit easy. I would like to introduce my group members. They are Ori, Ofir, Harry, Braden, and of course myself. I put some effort in this project. I hope you will enjoy it as much a I do. Here is my Jamestown and Plymouth project: