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Post #1 Maglev Train

A maglev train is a train in Japan and it’s really fast. It levitates too and it levitates by magnets. When magnets repel the train levitates. For example the same poles repel and opposite poles attract.

My group’s idea for the train is that we put 11 strip magnets  across from each other and attached to those strip magnets were ring magnets and donut magnets we put 11 ring magnets and donut magnets.


The only thing that worked for my group while we were building our train was the magnets were levitating. The thing that failed today were cutting the magnets.


My experience with working with my group kind of good and kind of bad. One person in my group was working with me on taping and making sure the magnets were repelling. The other person was doing work when we told him to but sometimes he would just be sitting around. I think that this project is going to be very fun.