Maglev Train Blog Post #3

Our improvements that we made today were we fixed the vehicle because at some parts it would attract to the track. So what we did to fix it we made it touch the edge of the vehicle because before our vehicle wasn’t touching the edge at all.

Our train and track is basically our first idea but we changed a few things:


  1. The vehicle – what we changed about our vehicle was it was too heavy so we got strip magnets because before we had too many ring magnets.
  2. The track – the strip magnets were too close to the middle so we un taped it, then we ┬áput the magnets closer to the edge of the track.


My group thinks out train was successful because it took the passengers from one side to the other and our vehicle levitated.

I learned from the EDP that you have to do all the EDP steps to complete the process. I learned from working with my group that even if you get frustrated it is okay

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