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Next step In Research-NY Project

In my research project on NY Harbor landmarks my question is what is the story behind the Statue of Liberty. I really like researching on this landmark because I love reading and learning things I do not know that much about the about the Statue of Liberty. New York is a really big place and it would be really hard to research on the whole state that is why I really like researching on the Statue of Liberty.My whole group has something different to research on. I go to NY a lot but the thing is I do not know that much about it. This NY project is really interesting because It has a lot of information. So far I research a lot and I write a lot down. Because my teacher told me that if you keep it in your head you are probally going to forget most of the research that you have done. I use a lot of websites like Wikipedia. I always use different. Over all I love researching and maybe I will inspire some other people to do it!